The Institute Of Performing Arts

Theatre-in-Education, the best tool in teaching-learning process, was first introduced in India by Barry John, well known as British-Charles Adam in film “Massey Sahib”. The TIE Co. in India was established in the year 1989 on 16th October under the aegis of National School of Drama “NSD”. We are proud of the fact that one of the founding members of TIE, in 1989, Dr. Suwarn Rawat has joined “Tuppets” - the performing arts institute in the year 2016.

Tuppets’ journey with TIE began with a huge programme “Color My Wings” under the guidance of Walter Peter- the Ex-TIE Co. member of National School of Drama, New Delhi enabled the program to enter in the prestigious Limca Book of Records.

After the success of this program, the play R3 –Revolution, Restoration & Reformation was presented which gave learning about world revolutions to the students. The audience were awestruck with the performances of other various wonderful productions viz. Ghare-Ghare Aavyo Prem, Talaash Ek Mithi Zubaan Ki, Swarg Se Sundar, My World...My Fantasy,Prakriti Uvaach, Let Me Flow, Vani Madhuryam etc. under the guidance of Dr. Suwarn Rawat.

Our faith got deepened when Dr. Suwarn Rawat, Designed & Directed “Hamlet” in original Shakespearean language – a pure classical literature, with first generation learners of English, who basically belonged to traditional Guajarati families.

Now, we are ready to implement “Tuppets-TIE” as a new and imparting teaching methodology for primary level learners wherein the different pedagogical techniques of learning –Visual, Auditory Kinesthetic “VAK” is imbibed to create an interesting and effective learning environment.